Foreigners reach Mt Abu to work for children – Rajkot News

MOUNT ABU: Fifteen volunteers from various countries, including Austria, Finland, France, Holland, South Korea and Spain, have come to work at NABPNM, Rehabilitation Centre for the Blind, Mount Abu and Government High school in Delwara with rural students.

The ritual that began in 2008 seems to have taken roots and FSL Bangaluru, together with the Centre here are now committed to have this global partnership in this rite of global cooperation in sharing of wealth of variously challenged souls and bringing them together to compliment each other.

Welcoming the guest FSL chairman KN Contractor eulogised the efforts of the organisation together with the passion of the overseas volunteers and the principal of the centre, students, staff and the secretary.

These overseas volunteers would adhere to a rigid routine daily. Every morning, led by the visually challenged members of the centre, they would be visiting a new home in the town, or an abbey or commercial establishments or a school to learn about Indian way of life. In afternoons they would provide services to the centre in the first week of their stay and in the next week they would extend their services to the rural Government High school in Delwara.

At the centre they would help paint the interior of the school premises as much as possible, and in the latter they would extend educational services.

They will present a short play on July 23 on international brotherhood and a musical bonanza with their visually challenged colleagues from the centre and students from the rural government school at St Joseph High School.


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