Burglars target 12 offices in one Alkapuri complex – Vadodara

VADODARA: In an audacious multiple break-ins on the posh RC Dutt Road in the commercial hub of Alkapuri here, burglars broke open doors of 12 offices in Gayatri Chambers on Friday night. The burglars, however, managed to steal only Rs 6,300 after making the mammoth effort that involved some climbing with a rope.

The complex is old and is not well-lit. Police claimed that there were no security guards posted there during the night, but employed only during the daytime. Unidentified persons first reached the first floor of the complex after climbing on to a grill in the staircase, and broke open doors of offices there. They then reached the third, fourth and fifth floors to conduct burglaries there.

Sources said that after trying their hands at offices on the upper floors, they came back to the first floor and used a rope to climb down to the ground floor and escape. But, after so many efforts, they managed to take away only Rs 2,800 from one office and Rs 3,500 from another office.


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