Aapnugujarat is a 1st internet gateway of Gujarat. It’s a  new horizon which attempts to gather this uncovered land of culture and horizon in one place and then distribute its fragrance world wide and also reminding its sons to stand by its culture….

Our objective:
          As a customer driven and responsible entity its assured that Aapnugujarat will take a great care in maintaining the satisfactions of the customers. Towards this we have tried following the virtues which are prerequisites for us to have a strong and welcoming base of AapnuGujarat. this can be enumerated as:

  • To explore the cultural heritage of Gujarat
  • To connect all the Gujaratis of the world in a single place
  • To make Gujarat a shining star on global front.
  • To have a bowl full of opportunities and choices.

Branches of Aapnu Gujarat
Explore Gujarat
: Exploring Gujarat is like reaching infinity from the centre. There is so much depth and understanding involved in exploring Gujarat. Aapnugujarat helps one cherish the different layers of Gujarat like travel, architecture and its treasure full of culture involving its past, present and future.

News: Aapnugujarat acts like a server to keep Gujarat globally connected by giving the regular updates to the masses in the languages like English and gujarati which is widely understood.

Jobs : Gujarat is a growing economic and industrial hub in one of India’s fastest growing states – Gujarat .Flowing river full of career opportunities will not only help us in getting globally connected but also help us(Gujarat) achieve the growth and income flow at a thundering rate.

Shopping :world at your doorstep ‘ ,Aapnugujarat aims in facilitating the shopping which can save on time, energy , resources and the headaches of travelling with just one click. Also encouraging growth of Gujarati handicrafts and other specialities by delivering at the door step in the other parts of world.

Matrimonial: ’You Dream we fullfill it’ we aim in helping the youngsters to search their dream partners by giving various choices and options to them as we believe in .converting the heavenly made matches into the reality as’jodiya swarg mein banti hai lekin dharti par milti hai’.

Real Estate: ‘Creating magical Gujarat by using magical bricks’. To achieve the overall growth, growth  in infrastructure is a priority. In this section we provide the regular updates of property and its related information like upcoming new projects… As well as… house on rent.. Or paying guests required… Land for sell (with pictures) brokers information… Construction companies… builders… And much more at just one click thus saving time and taking right decision at the right time.

Yellow pages: ‘Stitch in time saves nine’ the handy information of all the contact details of the residents and industries (Production, service and retail) removes frustration and quickens the speed and efficiency.

Forum :We value your principles’ Every possible thrust is given to such deserving people so that they can propagate the legacy of the commitment of these selfless torchbearers and can lead the path for the future generations to come. We at Aapnugujarat have the discussion forums to achieve our goal of global Gujarat at a much better rate with your valued inquiries and suggestion.

Morover we provide services & activities regarding Business :  Franchises,Finance,Tenders, Selling & Buying vehicles , Insurance & Mutual funds, online chatting, Health, cooking, sports, Games,Politics, Education, Travel & Lifestyle and many more which suits todays youngster.

– Suggestions are always WELCOME


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